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With Congero Cloud™, both traditional service businesses and XaaS startups can manage customers, create new service plans, run billing operations and track financials—all in one platform.

We are one of the first Cloud Billing Providers to create a complete order to cash experience for managing and billing your subscription and product revenue.  Congero Cloud Services is a true game changer, leveraging the power and force of Oracle’s Flagship Billing and Revenue Management Product (BRM). Brought to you in the cloud by the Congero Technology Group.

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Increase Your Revenue with Faster Go-to-Market Cycles
Don’t let rigid billing systems keep you from wowing your customers with your agility. Respond quickly to changing customer needs and increase your revenue with Congero’s billing and revenue management platform.

Take Control of the Full Subscription Lifecycle in Real Time
Whether your subscriptions are recurring, fixed length, billed in advance or in arrears, have trial periods, free months, cross-product, or volume or tier discounts, Congero Cloud Service’s intuitive web user interface provides the control to manage and understand your subscribers across the full life cycle.

Unleash Your Pricing with Paperless Billing
Offer the right price to the right customers at the right time—and get definable metrics like named hosts, CPU, storage, tiered and thresholds of usage volumes.  Develop bundles for your services with Congero Cloud Services, test them in our included sandbox and deploy to your customer base all within minutes.

Charge Your Customers the Way You Want
With the Congero Cloud Services usage gateway, you can define, process and transform usage events for rating and billing. Since our platform is powered by Oracle BRM, you can quickly process millions of usages events in the cloud at an unparalleled speed.

Get the Numbers that Drive Your Business
With Congero Cloud Service, you get tailored and out-of-the-box reports and Congero real-time analytics. The all-in-one dashboard provides visibility into business process efficiencies, churn rates, and usage statistics, as well as current and expected revenue flows.

Experience Financial Confidence and Reduce IT Spending
Securely manage accounts receivable, accurately tax subscribers, and report your general ledger data to your financial systems. Congero Cloud Services offers internal tax and financial tracking as well as pre-integrated gateways to a third-party partner for taxation activities, payment processing, and ERP systems.

Stay Connected—Anytime, Anywhere
Congero Cloud Services will connect you to your CRM of choice via REST API. Or take advantage of our full pre-built integration. Whether you use one of our usage, tax, or payment gateways, our platform is always connected.

Receive Top-Notch Operational Support
You’ll get more than the basic product support most of our competitors provide. Congero Cloud Services monitors all billing jobs, ensuring that both invoices and payments are quickly and accurately processed. Full operational support creates confidence for both you and your customers.

Get Started with Congero Cloud™ at an Affordable Cost

Through the power of the cloud, Congero Technology Group provides this exceptional value with an affordable pricing structure. Unlike traditional licensing for on-premise software, you can get Congero Cloud Services for a one-time setup fee and monthly subscription based on your billed revenue and number of subscribers.

With Congero Cloud Services, you’ll benefit from:

ü  Lower capital investment with affordable one time setup fee

ü  Consistent monthly expenses

ü  Reduced labor costs (premium operation support included)

ü  Reduced costs toward maintenance, upgrades, and patches

ü  Increased innovation and faster time to market

Integrations Support

ü  Saleforce Integration (BRMbox for Saleforce App)

ü  Tax Gateway for Vertex and SureTax

ü  Payment Gateway for, PayPal, Braintree, Chase Paymentech

ü  Financial Gateway for QuickBooks

ü  Rest API

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