Congero Cloud Gateways

Integrating systems shouldn’t be complicated

Payment Gateways

Through the Congero Cloud™ Payment Gateway, we offer full tokenization and payment operations with payment providers such as Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and Paymentech Orbital.

Our payment gateway processes all major payment transactions:



Conditional Settlements


Void Authorizations

Tax Gateways

The Congero Cloud™ Tax Gateway provides integrations to and from tax calculation providers such as Vertex, SureTax, Avalara.

CRM Gateways

The Congero Cloud™ Integration for CRM completely automates your business processes with the Congero Cloud™ Platform.  Avoid loss of data integrity between your CRM and billing systems. Congero Cloud™ Integration for CRM keeps your products, customers and sales orders perfectly in sync.