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Oracle BRM VM Image

by Congero Tech

We have installed various versions of Oracle BRM on multiple platforms
countless times. The installation process is mostly free of pain now, but it’s still a . time-consuming task.

Imagine you have to replicate it across a dozen development, test and integration instances and eventually into production. Suddenly managing configuration files and port numbers manually becomes a mission impossible.
For development and training purpose, the answer is simple. It’s VM.

Virtualization is a technology spear-headed by VMWare—and now also adopted by Oracle. A VMWare Oracle BRM image is a virtual machine running CentOS, containing an Oracle database and a functioning BRM environment. Just drop it
into a VMWare player and voilà, you are set.

The BRM image on Oracle VM follows the same principle, but it’s a little more cumbersome to use. Oracle VM Server installs itself on a physical server, so if you want it to be portable, be prepared to have an i7 Quadcore laptop.

We start with a template—for example, OEL5 and 11g database—install the out-of-the- box BRM once, then save and reuse the template. Nowadays we can produce VMWare or Oracle VM BRM images on any supported configuration.
What about deploying BRM into production environments with various configurations? To do that we’ll introduce a Release Management concept built specifically for this purpose. Stay tuned.

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