Congero, v. (kon-JER-ō) {Latin} to bring together, compile, accumulate

We were founded on one truth: technology and innovation have the power to drive revenue.

With over 18 years of deep industry experience in software and the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Platform, we combine innovation and expertise to create agile, reliable solutions for our customers.

Working with Congero Technology Group

At Congero Technology Group, we combine cutting-edge ideas with proven dependability.

Because we understand that no two businesses are alike, we’ve built a diverse team of 75 employees and consultants from around the world. When our team is on site, we have one mission: to deliver a unique billing solution that increases revenue for your company.

Our process is transparent, and we’re honest about what works and what doesn’t. We know every member of your team is critical to understanding your business needs, and we treat them that way—from the CEO to the administrative assistant.

When you work with Congero Technology Group, your team becomes our team. Your goals become our goals. And our successes become yours.


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We are seeking committed, innovative partners—with expertise in everything from product localization to industry-specific technology—to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Thomas Cong
President & CEO

Mr. Cong has more than fifteen years of experience in application design and development, enterprise systems integration and consulting. He possesses strong knowledge and hands-on experience of enterprise platform technologies including CRM, billing & revenue management, Java enterprise systems. A dedicated team player with strong communications skills, he has track records to take on leadership role in challenging projects to achieve customer total satisfaction.

Mario Gonzalez
Executive Vice President of Global Marketing & Sales

Gonzalez leads global sales, channel initiatives, and marketing for the latest innovative cloud billing solution, Congero Cloud.  Mario and his team help companies achieve revenue driven results, operational efficiency, acquisition, and accurate financial reporting all through the cloud.  He is a 20-year veteran in the IT software consulting and Telecommunications industries where he has sold and delivered many successful and profitable initiatives; prior to joining Congero, Mario was Consulting Practice Director for Oracle Communications.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Communications Sciences from University of Missouri Kansas City. 

Kamal Bahsin
Vice President of Strategy and Delivery Management

Kamal Bahsin graduated with his MCA in Computer Science and Applications from South Gurjarat University. After college, Bahsin went on to be a Solutions Architect for well-known software companies such as Oracle, Portal Software, and Cisqo. He joined the Congero Technology Group as a Consultant in 2012. Now, Vice President of Strategy and Delivery Management, Kamal is responsible for the strategic direction of the Congero Cloud and the Consulting efforts of the Congero Technology Group. Kamal delivers the highest quality success for our clients.

Sergio Martinez
Vice President of Engineering and Product Development

Sergio E. Martinez graduated as an Electronic Systems Engineer at the ITESM of Monterrey Mexico. He later went on to get a Masters in IE from the University of Pittsburgh. Sergio has been involved in billing systems playing different roles, from individual coder contributor, trainer and coach, technical team lead, solutions architect and senior business analyst. Currently Sergio’s tech interests span NoSQL, Enterprise Integration Patterns, monolithic and microservice architectures and REST solutions. Sergio is based out of Southern California.

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