Helping customers maximize their Oracle investment since 2007

Congero Technology Group helps customers grow their business and accelerate their time to market with new product launches, feature enhancements, and business process automation through innovative systems integration. Oracle Communication products supported:

  • Oracle Monetization Cloud (OMC)
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)
  •  BRM On Premise to Cloud
  • Oracle Live Experience Cloud
  •  Order Service Management (OSM)
  • Application Integration Architecture (AIA)

Learn more about how Congero Technology Group can help you maximize your Oracle investment with our consulting services.


Congero Technology Group is an Oracle Gold Partner who specializes in implementation and integration of the Oracle Monetization Cloud platform. OMC offers cloud billing for subscription services for a variety of digital business models from basic recurring revenue to usage based service model.

Why Consider Congero Consulting?

Congero Technology Group is one of the few authorized resellers and distributors of OMC which means we are a trusted one stop shop for OMC. Congero Technology is also one of the few oracle partners that are certified by Oracle in implementing and integrating Oracle Monetization Cloud.

Our consultants have extensive expertise in billing and subscription management in support of the full customer lifecycle. We offer a flexible pricing model to keep your implementation costs down.

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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Congero’s Pre-built integration for Salesforce and Oracle Monetization Cloud

    Congero’s pre-built integration is built to give your project or transformation an edge. We have built the most common order to cash processes within the integration that will allow you to implement our framework in an accelerated fashion.  The integration framework is available as a subscription or traditional perpetual license Salesforce Key Features with Oracle Monetization Cloud:

  • Customer Account Creation and Synchronization
  • Product Catalog Creation and Synchronization of updates
  • Transform Orders into Subscriptions in real time
  • Realtime balance and invoices for agent care
  • Reflect purchased products and assets
  • Keep subscriptions updated in real time
  • Keep SFDC assets up to date based on real time billing events
  • Realtime AR updates and events reflected in Salesforce

Download our Salesforce for OMC Integration data sheet here.

Contact a Congero Solution Specialist today to see a live demo of our Pre-built integration for and Oracle OMC!

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Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) provides a complete end to end on-premise solution for managing revenue, supporting key business processes that incorporate generation, caption, collection and assurance of revenue.

Congero Technology Group has been providing Oracle BRM implementation and consulting services for over 11 years for many of Oracles customers. We are the leader and preferred Oracle Gold partner for supporting Oracle BRM installations and projects in North America.

Congero Consulting Oracle BRM services include:

  • Implementation Services
  • Systems integration
  • Strategic planning and architecture
  • Conversion planning, execution and support
  • End User and developer training
  • Development operations / manage services


See why some of the largest companies use Congero Consulting for their BRM needs.

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Hesitant To Switch to a Cloud Billing System?

Let Congero Technology Group transform your on premise billing and revenue management production and non production environments to a cloud services platform that you run from the cloud.

  • Maintain your existing Oracle BRM license (no new licensing required)
  • Take advantage of virtualization, clustering, and elasticity to control your
    infrastructure costs
  • Scale your infrastructure as you need to
  • Dev ops and operations in the cloud
  • Integrate easier in the cloud

Introducing Congero Fast Track to the Cloud

Congero Consulting can fast track your migration to the cloud anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks based on your BRM on premise complexity and because we have fully automated the migration processes, we are able to offer this service at an affordable cost.

To learn more about our fast track delivery model click here.

Contact a Congero expert today.

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Oracle Live Experience Cloud delivers an in-app engagement and a better customer experience.  Oracle Live Experience Cloud integrates into web and mobile apps for seamless support including integration to Oracle Monetization Cloud and CRM applications.

With Oracle Live Experience Cloud, you can now digitally deliver a seamless customer experience in real time. Your customers will be able to experience a faster assisted agent interaction without having to leave the web application.

Features of Oracle Live Experience Cloud include:

For more information on Oracle Live Experience Cloud visit Oracle’s Product Page here.

Speak to a Congero Solutions specialist today for a real time demonstration of Oracle Live Experience Cloud.

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Need BRM Training for your staff?

Congero Technology Group offers a wide variety of BRM training from the pricing analyst to the developer. Our training can be structured to fit the functional role of your organization and be rest assured that your team will gain the expertise needed to perform their job function using Oracle BRM.

We offer training for the following roles:

  • Customer Agents
  • A/R Operations or Billing Ops
  • Finance Analyst
  • Pricing/Product Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Management

What does our training cover? We have structured training courses that include course material, hands-on labs, and exercises to ensure your team receives the proper training needed to perform their job.

The following courses can be offered onsite or at our training facility in Kansas City, MO.

BRM Fundamentals (Concepts and Functional Overview)

  • BRM System Level Overview
  • Functional Overview of:
  • Account Structures
  • Billing
  • Rating
  • Pricing
  • Account Management
  • Taxation
  • GL
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Collections
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

Pricing Design Center Training (Includes concepts, tool overview, and hands-on exercises)

  • Introduction to PDC
  • Translating Product offering
  • PDC overview
  • Configuring setup objects
  • Configuring charge offers
  • Configuring discount offer
  • Bundling product offering

BRM Developer Training

  • BRM architecture
  • Configuring BRM processes
  • BRM object model
  • Understanding BRM opcodes
  • PIN Macros
  • PCM Macros
  • Error handling and debugging
  • Extending event creation
  • Custom Facility Modules and Opcodes

Billing Care Essentials (functional and technical)

  • Introduction to Billing Care
  • Billing Care Lab
  • Billing Care SDK

BRM System Administration Training

  • System overview
  • BRM systems processes
  • Job Management
  • Trouble shooting
  • Permissions and role management
  • Security and controls

BRM Tool Overview and Hands On Exercises available

  • Customer Center
  • Collections Center
  • Permissions Center

Please contact us today to speak to one of our Congero Training Specialists to help you design the right training course for you team.

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