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Everybody’s Doing It – Fast Track Your Migration to the Cloud

by Congero Tech

June 29, 2018

If you follow cloud news, then you’ve probably heard about Oracle’s new SOAR offering. They’re providing an automated cloud migration solution to move customer data from an existing e-business suite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to Oracle’s cloud-based Fusion ERP.

We were glad to hear about this new development for two reasons: (1) many of our customers that are migrating their billing solutions to the cloud are also interested in moving their ERPs and (2) an ecosystem with more opportunities to exploit the benefits of the cloud is a better ecosystem.

A cloud-based future is a better future

Oracle, like others in the industry, recognizes that companies are increasingly demanding the flexibility and cost savings that come with a cloud-based solution.

We’ve seen it in our own business. A few years ago, our Oracle BRM customers began asking how they could move to the cloud. We answered that question by creating our own push to the cloud—with a cloud migration service and the Congero Cloud Platform.

With our cloud migration service, we take an existing on-premises system, slice it and dice it, and move it to the cloud. For businesses that aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to their existing system, we provide a service that allows them to benefit from the lower costs and increased flexibility of the cloud while running the exact same system they were running yesterday.

For companies that are ready for a new, lighter, streamlined experience that is 100% cloud, we created the Congero Cloud Platform. It has a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard and all the elasticity you expect from a cloud-based system.

A cloud-based now is a better now

Of course all this cloud activity isn’t just in the future anymore. It’s happening now.

If you’re hopping on the SOAR train and transitioning your ERP to the cloud, don’t forget about your billing platform. We provide fast-track migration for getting you into the cloud so you don’t miss another minute of all the money and time you’ll be saving.

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