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Making your vision a reality requires more than technical skill. It takes industry knowledge, a spirit of innovation, a flawless methodology, and an unwavering commitment to your goals.

At Congero, our first step is listening. We learn everything we can about your business so that when we apply the latest technology and the best implementation practices, we’re solving the right challenges.

We understand what it takes to design, implement and grow a billing system that works for you. We provide full-service, expert support throughout the entire process.

Strategic Planning

Well-designed implementation is the hallmark of a successful business transformation project. Our Congero consulting team will work with your strategic leaders and key business stakeholders to craft an effective strategic plan for implementing your transformation. We’ll also go one step further, addressing the changing internal end-to-end business processes so you’ll experience continued success.

Project Execution and Control

Even the best-planned project can go quickly off the rails without proper execution and controls in place. The expert Congero consulting team employs project management best practices, which means we’re ready to address any surprises without increasing your costs or delaying your timeline.

Integration Know-How

Transforming your complete order-to-cash system can’t be done in a vacuum. You need integrated peripheral support systems. The Congero consulting team’s integration expertise is unmatched in the billing transformation industry. We bring best-in-class tools and assets to ensure a seamless end-to-end integration and accelerate the implementation process.

Conversion Planning, Execution and Support

Converting your customer data from an old to a new billing system requires careful planning to ensure data integrity and limit performance impact. At Congero Consulting, we provide custom tailored scripts that will protect your valuable data. Depending on the volume of your existing customer base, we may recommend a separate conversion kit from Oracle.

End-User Training Support

A flawless billing system is worthless without users who know how to operate it. If the people who use the system everyday are not well trained, no amount of vendor sales pitching or system integrator’s spin can guarantee a return on your investment. Our Congero consulting team will plan and execute training alongside implementation of your new system.

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