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Adrian Rocha: a Tech Lover, Passionate Coder, and People Admirer

by Congero Tech

Adrian Rocha is a technology lover, passionate coder, and people admirer.

Born and raised in Lujan, Argentina, Adrian Rocha found his early interest in programming even as a little child. In the late 80s, his parents brought home a Commodore 64c, a popular personal computer in Argentina since there was a local factory. 

He started spending a lot of time with the computer because there was no cable TV or Internet in his area at that time. At first, it was only for games. He then found a programming manual for BASIC (Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language with some examples, and his first experiences with programming began.

“I didn’t know how to read and write at the time, but I would copy the source code from the book and just run it,” Rocha said. “Then I would try to change some lines and see what happened.”

Since then, he has always been attracted to technology and in particular software development. Rocha pursued a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems while working as a developer for a local company in Buenos Aires. After graduating college, Rocha accepted a position at Oracle Consulting Argentina where he specialized in Oracle BRM. In 2012, Rocha moved to Costa Rica working on BRM implementation projects at a local consulting firm. His clients included the most prominent telecom companies in Costa Rica.

With his strong background, Rocha joined the Congero team in 2017 as a Principal Consultant. As someone who could “spend hours writing code,” he finds satisfaction in the position as he has the trust and freedom to use his experience in helping younger employees and bring out the best in each person.

“This empowerment of people is very present in the culture of Congero,” Rocha said. 

Besides learning new technologies and acquiring certifications in the digital industry, he soon realized the importance of other skills when generating value for businesses and clients. To challenge himself in a continual self-improvement process, Rocha recently obtained an Executive MBA with the University of Barcelona.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Not only does Rocha push himself every day for personal growth in his role, he is also a strong believer in being a team player and elevating each other as a team.

“I believe in people, and more importantly, getting them to believe in themselves,” he said. “We are all different and it is important to find how to get the best out of each one.”

And with that mindset, Rocha is a team player at work, at home and on the field. In his free time when he’s not programming or helping clients, Rocha finds himself playing or watching soccer, as part of his love for the sport growing up in Argentina. Unlike the popular stereotype of people working in tech being deemed as introverts and sitting all day in front of a computer, Rocha proves that stereotypes are just…stereotypes. He also did sports climbing and surfing when he was younger.

Rocha and friends goes surfing.

“I really like outdoor sports where I can have contact with nature,” he said. “Together with my wife we love to travel, to know places and cultures.”

Rocha and wife on a trip.

For Rocha, enjoying life in the moment and working for a good company seems to be the most important thing at the moment. He wants to focus on tying himself with the values of helping people and the environment.

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