Congero Cloud

What is Congero Cloud?

Congero Cloud is a white label billing solution from Congero that is integration ready with certified external systems.

Integration made simple.

With our solution, the consumer won’t have to deal with the hassle of installing a billing system and customizing it to integrate with relevant third party solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Minimal Customization

Depending on the billing solution, modern systems can get away with just configuration.


We are certified by the 3rd party platform we choose to integrate with.


Support is provided at hand if your business runs into any issues with the integration or interface.

Easy to Upgrade

Seamless upgrades are done with no complications.

Easy to Scale

Deployment can scale up when the traffic/load/demand is high or scale down when the traffic/load/demand is low.

Easy to Integrate

With loosely coupled architecture, integrating can be done smoothly and effectively in a short time frame.

What we do

host a fully capable billing solution with configurable integration middleware in the cloud

What you get

simplified User Experience (UX) as a simple “sign-up and configure” model

How it works

Congero Cloud bundles a core billing system with Integration Accelerators that are pre-built and certified to work with common third party solutions.

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